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I am sorry maybe I misread. You mentioned "300-325Wh/kg predictions for 2017" what I read was a 33Ah by mid-2015 300 Wh/kg for 2015 and 500Wh/kg by 2017. Thats only 6 months away. But no one mentioned cost per battery. If the cost is not outrageous this will great news for anyone wanting to dump ICE. Fingers crossed these guys are telling the truth.
This is the answer No compressed gas at all. Just liquid.
This does not look like a step forward more like a step sideways. Typical GM parlor trick. Volvo using triple electric turbos are getting over 400 horses from a small engine 4 cylinders. Go with 1/2 that and you don't even need the batteries. Then there is the Professor Lee Cronin of the University of Glasgow’s School of Chemistry who has a new way to store hydrogen safely and batteries start to look like a waste of time. Plus the COST and the quality of the Volt, it looks so cheap.
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Oct 29, 2014