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Paul, thanks for writing what I've been thinking for quite some time about vendor "beatdowns," competitive jockeying, etc. Enough already. Although there are still examples of Vendors Behaving Badly, the industry has cleaned up its act quite a bit over the past decade. Why? Because the SaaS model makes it in the vendor's self-interest to take care care of customers. On Social CRM and the Altimeter paper, I agree with Graham. I really like the document for all the reasons you state. But as Graham points out, the thrust of the paper is to show how social technology is applied to CRM problems. The omissions are similar to the "CRM case studies" I've seen over the years, which re-enforce the notion that CRM = tools. You're one of the rare people who writes about non-tech CRM/SCRM, and thanks for that. You're fighting the good fight to promote SCRM as a collaborative strategy, but most of the content published by analysts, media, bloggers and consultants is about technology. Unfortunately, that leads us all down the path to a market perception that SCRM = implementation of social tools. It's like watching Groundhog Day, except there's no happy ending.
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Mar 30, 2010