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They didn't use the cheat-diesel emissions in the study. Bob Wilson
The 'expected' values need objective measurements which fortunately can be done with road-size metrics today. It won't be the first time that a paper study crash into reality. I am a little concerned with all three models have exactly the same total value. It suggests the basis of estimate needs empirical observation. Bob Wilson
So it takes 745 W / 48 V = 15.5 A for 1 HP. Would you like to drive a 1 hp car? Ok, let's go to 10 hp, 155 A so now we're talking conductors the size of a dime. This is total nonsense. Bring on the examples so we can get over it as soon as possible. Of course it will appeal to accountants at car companies … not engineers but the accountants like the ones who led GM and Chrysler to their excellence in 2008. Accountants in car companies should be treated with the respect and pay of a secretary, low level. They have no business making faux engineering decisions. Bob Wilson, Huntsville, AL
Well if they have hired Wayne Gertes of as a 'technical consultant,' they can incorporate hypermiler control laws. The cars will be a great success 'pulse and gliding' and running at an average speed under 25 mph. Yes, this will finally prove the success of hypermiling in a commercial product. Bob Wilson
One of the undocumented features of the Prius is it has a reasonable towing capability. All it lacks are stronger rear springs that can be added, after-market. I know because I've towed 1,700 lbs of trailer and airplane over 600 miles and others are towing similar loads. Individual Prius owners, like the first plug-in Prius conversions, are expanding the envelope. We can only hope Toyota 'gets a clue' and shares the Prius towing capabilities and/or comes out with a light pickup truck and utility van.
The problem comes from NHTSA report DOT HS 811 204 that plays a math trick: "1.8%" to "1.0%" turning and "5.3%" to "2.9%" backing, to claim a doubling of risk for 19 and 7 incidents (table 6a.) But hybrids have fewer straight line incidents "44%" to "47%" projecting 109 fewer incidents. The math in the report does not match the false hazard claim. House bill H.R. 734 is still in committee so there is time to call your Congressman in opposition. Don't be surprised if they are listed as a cosponsor to this lame legislation.
I'll believe folks are serious about mileage when there is a "mph vs MPG" chart and a "hill climb" consumption chart in the owner's manual. Light planes do, medium planes do, even heavy planes do and have been doing this since aviation began. But cars are still stuck with two silly numbers and no guidance on how to achieve them.
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Jul 16, 2010