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Thomas Canada
Cove Fort,Utah / USA
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I wish I could be with you! Please embrace my presence and allow me Blessings.
Y'all are very fortunate to have a lama that is really a hands on kind of Guy! I share in your Joys and it makes me smile all the way to the top of the mountains overlooking the deserts down to the Pacific and across to your Sangha!
Key to sucess is never carry anger into tomorrows.
Shimmering Tears!
Oops! I keep slipping on the Bodichitta!
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2010 on Compassion is a priority at Tsem Tulku Rinpoche
Birds of a Feather,Flock together! Cream rises to the top Congradulations Thom
It is easy to see why you and Zong Rinpoche love one another so much. It is in the eyes! I'd know that mischieious look anywhere![lol]
Quite a Line Up! Are you Walking the Runway for Dharma? Too Cute! Maybe an Ewok might be next? Oh! That is you!
Healing the Wounded Healer, One Day at a Time ! Vows we remember In Our Everyday Life The Ones We Forget As We Pass by an Unhappy Face Forgetting to Mirror In Our Smiles The Secret That Buddha Shared and Je T'Song Khapa Clarified! The Love We Give Is Given In That Moment With Buddha's Smile The One All Knowing of Human Possibilities and Human Frailities Accepting with Breathing In and Breathing Out It is abstract in the describing So Simple, the Solution As to evade the Monkey Mind Never quite satisfied We approach the Pearl With Sticks and Stones Blinded by the Efferverscent Rainbow Lights True Lama need no Certificates True Lamas Guide by their Constantly Practicing the Dharma Keeping the Light Bright For us in the Twilight Zone What we see Is where we go Follow the Bright Light The Warm One That Surrounds Us! The Lamas, Who Care For Us! The Bigger Picture Is What They Keep In Mind We, Well we can barely see them move through the room.
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Thank you for the Inspiration Self Motivating and Self Generating Alone most of the time Sometimes lacks the lustre of your Altars The Altar of Inspiring and Motivational Words! Across Time and Space The Dharma like Tara Is Lightening Fast For Those of Us Lost In Samsara Showing The Light Guiding Us Safely to Blissful Shores! I'll keep in Mind What you've said.
Happy People are caring for those in despair and despondent with care and love.
I once built an Oyster Mushroom Greenhouse. Where we grew 600,000 pounds of drided mushrooms in our first six months. Mushroom are like fairy beings as they sprout and grow. Oyster Mushrooms can sustain a human being with all one needs for nourishment, minus the elements of Vitamin C. I have overseered the building of a geothermal power plant,a one acre greenhous. I have restored a Carnegie Library,a Vaudevill Theater, a City Court House into an Art Center. I built my Underground home with all passive heating and cooling elements wit 50 tons of steel and a thousand yards of concrete. I know about foundations and eco friendly systems. I built a Stupa and Monastery twice over. I am excited to see your plans and hope the foundation is put in proper. I know Volcanic soils and their properties when constructing. If you need any advice or strong backs. Jst let me know. I also built a three acre Japanese Rock Garden under the guidance of Sacred Treasure, Dr Kenneth Yasuda. He was gifted a parcel in the Kyoto Gardens for creating a garden there. Anyway, Creating is lots of fun, maintaining is another choice.
Toggle Commented Apr 3, 2010 on Setrap Gives Another Sign at Tsem Tulku Rinpoche
Truth is the Truth No matter what path one takes Do unto Others as you would have Other do unto you! Golden Rule As a rule, A Man is a Fool When it is hot, he want it cool When it cool, he wants it hot What it is, he wants it not! Some of us suffered in Southern Baptist Churches Does not mean we did not learn anything The merging of Christian and Buddhist Principles is Inevitable The Dharma is not a dogma It is the Course, the Current of Life! I once lived in the alleyways of Tangiers for six months as a street urchin My hand out for few pennies! Gave me a loaf of bread for about five cents, to eat and watch the night in the Kasba.I think I lost about 45 pounds by the time I found home again. At least I avoided the draft.What a nightmare that period was to my mind. Reading the "Way of the White Cloud", about Tromo Geshe Rinpoche gave me company in a world full of wonder far from my home in Indiana, I kept going until I met the Sahara.
There is a scene is 'Kundun', where the entire screen is filled for about 15 seconds with the smiling face of Jamyang Lama. One of the monks I secured visas and brought to house in Kyabje Trijang Dorje Chang Choktrul Rinpoche's First Monastery in the United States. Jamyang Lama is a dwarf, but very powerful with his love for the Dharma. The Kunten Lama was installed as the Lama of Dagom Geden Tensung Ling Monastery and still resides with about 15 others monks. They have spread the Dharma to the four other cities in the Midwestern United States in a few brief years. It was foretold that this Monastery would benefit millions and millons of people over the next few hundred years. H.H.Kyabje Zong Rinpoche visited and gave us his Blessings. I enjoyed his company immensely and he left a lasting impression on me forever. We went swimming and I threw him up in the air over my head and threw him to splash down with laughter and giggling, smiling a big grin he would ask for it again and again. Water is such a joyful element. I love it! The Dharma knows no boundaries, neither political or theological will ever shake the Foundation to Practice the Dharma given to us by Our Supreme Lord Buddha. I really am enjoying witnessing the creations y'all are making in Malaysia, Nepal and the Whole World. As the Little Locomotive said aproaching the moutainous grades, 'I think I can, I think I can, I think I can! Chugchug!
I got a small part in a Spanish Horror Movie back in 1969. I worked an old 18th century morgue from Sunset to Sunrise. I went to school with a Anthony Pizzo, who wrote the movies, "Breaking Away" & "Rudi", all shot in Indiana and Bloomington, my hometown. I was in birth class with Bruce Rubin, who wrote, "Ghost" & "Jacobs Ladder". Andy's movies are rated in the Top All Time Best Family Movies. Check them out! The bikeriding in Bloomington, setting the stage for building a Tibetan Cultural Center and a Monastery. The Higlands of Southern Indiana are so mellow and scenic with the Heartland of Hardwoods on the hills and slopes, The Indians thought this area only suitable for Shamans and Visions. Los Angles the City Of Angels[lol]. You were lucky to get out of there with the skin on your bones.{hoho] Love Your Books Love Your Style Dharma will Flourish Like never Before Thom Canada
I am pleased that you are implementing the internet to conduct classes. You reach out to those who are without a local Sangha and help us to feel connected to others. Thank you for Flourishing the Dharma! metta Thom ps I am enjoying your book, "If Not Now-When?"
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2010 on Compassion is a priority at Tsem Tulku Rinpoche
Dysfunctional familes are a global tragedy.Your candidness compels me to not be so shy about sharing personal issues that ironically enough has brought me to this spot. Thank you Tsem Rinpoche, I hear you and forgiveness the ultimate elixir to soothe the soul, keeping it untarnished and free to pursue the dharma without ghostly maras.
I look foward to the day, when I might meet H.H.Kyabje Zong Rinpoche again with his grins and smiles.
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2010 on Compassion is a priority at Tsem Tulku Rinpoche
Compassion is like the tides that sweep and retreat, like our hearts that flow in and out. How to keep the Inner Peace is why we need our Lamas. Love & Hugs To All Thom
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2010 on Compassion is a priority at Tsem Tulku Rinpoche
I recently received a statue of H.H.Zong Rinpoche and all the memories or previous years cascade across my mind.This I see similarly to the 'Sprout' that manifested as if by a miracle. I wished to also share that the way you Teach resounds in my heart and mind. Therefore I thank you for your presence, even though you are half way around the world. Time and Space are meaningless. With Folded Hands, I rejoice in the clarity of your words! Many Thanks ps I too have a connection with Mongolia
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