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Lars Boelen
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I thought this article was very interesting : It states that in the past 15 years SURFACE TEMP has stayed the same (it does mention heat absorbed in the oceans kept increasing) where they should have declined by 0,4C because of solar minimum and back-to-back la nina's. Learning every day, I hadn't realised that all the extreme melting going on took place during a solar minimum. Makes you wonder what's going to happen once the cycle heatsup (even if it only adds 1 W/m2) and el Nino's start re-occuring.
Toggle Commented Sep 21, 2013 on Pinpointing the minimum at Arctic Sea Ice
Can we have a big round of applause for Neven for guiding us through this very interesting melt season? Thanks a lot for all your effort! As they say in Wallstreet, go away in September, but remember to return in March, (or something like that)
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2013 on Pinpointing the minimum at Arctic Sea Ice
Neven, I completly agree with your view : I allways wonder about "the shop of the year 2012" award sticker on the door of a shop. It makes you think, "so you were great last year, but I'm interested in THOS years result". Using the current month shows the readers that this is the latest and greatest. On the technical part : very interesting that with all this "cold and cloud" the average thickness managed to set a fresh low record (for the month), must mean that botttom melt is a giant killer.
Toggle Commented Sep 6, 2013 on PIOMAS September 2013 at Arctic Sea Ice
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Sep 6, 2013