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Mike, I hope you see that the shit from Jolly just won't stop. Even when I ask a question in a civil way I get crap from him. I hope you and Jolly will be very happy together while flushing Hacking Netflix down the toilet.
BP: Hope you're still here, Did you get my email?
Jolly: "... I don't think I'm better then anybody. I just think I'm qualified to enter discussions about Netflix without taking shit from you." Since you said this in a civil manner I will respond the same way. If what you said in your last post (part of it quoted above) why did you say what you said previously (see my previous post to Mike)?
Joe Meyer: Unless Janet is giving the return mail to her letter carrier that person would not be involved with Netflix returns. A more likely scenario is that someone who is collecting the mail from the drop box she used, is stealing them when s/he is removing the mail from that box. If Janet is taking the Netflix mailers to her post office and giving them to a clerk at the counter it's probably someone working in the back room. I agree she should have gotten in touch with the Postal Inspectors. If they have similar complaints from people within the same area they should be able to narrow it down and maybe catch the person(s) doing the stealing. On the other hand, as you mentioned, she might have been stealing them herself.
Hey Mike, The following quote was put up by Jolly. "As far as my credentials they are inconsequencial with names like tester and BP I do not feel obligated to disclose any informtion. I am overqualified to be apart of any discussion related to Netflix, content, studios, cable, Netflix execs, contracts, ongoing negotiations, stock deception, bandwidth caps, international expansion or anything else that could ever be talked about on this forum." Why in the world would you want someone on Hacking Netflix who thinks he's is better than the rest of us?
Lonny: Thanks for the vote of confidence as far as debating. I have always been up for a good debate but find the likes of Jolly to be impossible to debate with. People like Jolly, when they see they cannot respond with viable arguments to refute what others say, always resort to personal attacks in hopes of derailing the subject matter at hand.
Sorry Mike but you have my take on it. Once again you appear to be bending over backwards to appease Jolly. How many times do you have to repeat something to him before it's enough. You say you called me out because of how I responded to Jolly, but why hasn't Jolly been called out as quickly, considering the many, many times he has said similar things. Jolly makes post after post denigrating others including myself. This goes on for months. You step in but only every so often. I ignore the bull that Jolly throws for quite a long time. I finally can't take anymore and lash out. You then are very quick to talk about banning me. You don't wait, as you waited with Jolly. You throw the gauntlet down the same day I posted it. I know you said you received complaints about what I said but you have also received complaints about Jolly and have not acted on them as quickly as you did in my case. HOW MANY TIMES DOES HE HAVE TO HIJACK A THREAD, SEE HIS LATEST, (Have you Experienced a Lost Netflix DVD Recently?) BEFORE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH? WHAT IN HELL DOES HE HAVE ON YOU THAT WOULD ALLOW HIM TO KEEP UP HIS CRAP AND HAVE YOU IGNORE IT 99% OF THE TIME??
I've just checked my records and found I haven't had a problem with lost discs, either coming or going, for well over 3 years. In fact I also haven't had an unplayable disc longer than that. There was a time I had several discs that weren't received by myself or Netflix but nothing was done to my account,
BP: I've never looked at trolling, or Trolling, the way you showed it. What you've said makes sense to me. The first time I heard about trolls was no more than 15 years ago. Even in my CompuServe, GEnie and The Source accounts way back when, I never heard it said. It appears I've had an inaccurate perception of trolling.
Thank's BP. An email is headed your way.
I should not have allowed Jolly and all of his alter-ego names to push me to the point of posting what I did. I want to apologize to all who were offended by my comments to him. I allowed what he is/was doing to fester until I couldn't take anymore from him. I am not using that as an excuse to justify what I did, especially since others here have taken just as much, if not more, from him without resorting to blowing up. I am simply letting you know why I did what I did. Earlier this evening I spoke with Mike K and asked to to delete my account. Unfortunately he cannot do it so I will probably be doing it myself. He did ask me to wait a while before I delete it to see if things change here. Because I have been with Hacking Netflix for all but the first year, (I didn't realize that until Mike and I started talking about things), I will honor his request. My biggest concern is I am not sure if I can keep from retaliating against the personal attacks from Jolly. If I feel I cannot then I will be deleting my TypePad account. BP, this is for you personally; Up until today I never realized how much of a pain-in-the-rear Jolly is/was to you. I was totally wrong in being against your attacks on him. I didn't realize how much he (I'm trying to be civil toward him), could get under a person's skin. I should not have judged you unless/until I walked that proverbial mile in your shoes. Please accept my apology.
Rocketboy X "Mike, just get out the banhammer. The only thing I can think of to troll here is to be a shill for cable." There are other reasons. The troll, for whatever reason dislike Netflix. S/he could also be jealous of Mike K and his site and figure by causing a lot of dissension it would make a lot of good users leave. Maybe the troll is a disgruntled Blockbuster subscriber ticked off at Netflix because s/he falsely believes Netflix caused the downfall of Blockbuster. The troll could be someone who is incapable of having a decent discussion or debate. That person could get their kicks by getting others, like myself, to react. On the other hand the person could just be crazy.
Royrapoport: Before I started streaming (Nov 2010) I never gave what you're wishing for a thought. Now I do use streaming I must totally agree with you. I'm not sure if it will work but maybe enough emails to Netflix will make it happen. It certainly can't hurt.
Marshall; What you said makes sense but you have to remember something. If you choose Netflix based on them getting something you want, and you know that Netflix is/has raised the cost to you because of what they have gotten why would you be willing to pay the additional? You have a choice not to join, just as Netflix has a choice not to get the movie, TV series, etc. I am sure the companies you've mentioned have people who try to determine what price is cost-effective to get a product. They crunch some numbers, figuring what they'll lose and gain as far as subscribers go; and based on what they come up with they'll either make a bid or drop out of the running.
Knaldskalle; "Manpacks is very reminiscent of Amazon's "Subscribe and Save" thing for Grocery items. Not so reminiscent of Netflix." When I read about how they operate I thought the same thing.
Royrapoport; "And I think we can all agree to be happy about that." You've got that right!
Edward R Murrow; You are correct but in some cases (cable, satellite, etc) the lack of competition keeps prices higher than they should be. Sirius XM is getting ready for supposedly a major rate increase. Even though they were forced to wait for 3 years I believe the amount of the increase will more than make up for their waiting. Since there is no other company which people can go to customers either have to pay up or give it up. I would venture to guess the people who have had Sirius XM for a number of years are "hooked" on it and most will not be willing to give it up. There is also the possibility of collusion between some companies. I'm not sure if it would be hard to prove but I don't remember the last successful government collusion case, if there has ever been one, in my lifetime.
@ Johnson1965Tony108, Jolly, etc. Like you told me, if you don't like what I say don't read it!
"You might not but I'm sure there will be a few Netflix subscribers that have already beat up their streaming and would jump at the chance for other content free of charge." There probably are a number of them. And if those people want to leave Netflix for Hulu Plus I say more power to them. I never said Hulu Plus isn't any good. It's just not for me.
I feel that both of those posts are spam.
I wouldn't take Hulu Plus on a dare.
My grandson will be thrilled with the additional episodes of SpongeBob and the addition of Yo Gabba Gabba.
@ Alkalitta: It was about 2 or 3 years ago that I considered getting Dish Network. I found out right away how horrible their customer service was. I told them to forget it. I'll never forget, after I told them never mind I was asked to hold on. I was then transferred to someone who tried to convince me to sign up. They wanted to give me the provable house and car if I would agree to sign a 2 year contract. I told that person I would not. I ended the call by telling them that considering how bad my experience with customer service was, and they didn't have me signed, I would hate to think how I would be treated once I had a contract with them. The person I was speaking with started their spiel again and I simply hung up the telephone.
@ Knaldskalle: I didn't recognize it since I wasn't familiar with the movie. My local rental store has it but the two copies they have are out. It wasn't available for streaming from Netflix or Amazon. Netflix does have it on DVD, and it's currently available, so I put it in my queue and moved it to the top. I'm sure glad the world didn't end yesterday. :) Now I'll have a chance to watch the movie.
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May 21, 2011