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Aimee Bogush
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I'm visiting from CED and finding your site inspiring. "So that even though the issue is still raging, your soul is not." This in particular spoke to me. It is a lesson I am constantly relearning and my learning curve is also shortening. It's really something. Most of the time I'm gentle with myself and that I'm figuring it out, other times it's frustrating - not *this* again, I'm still reacting to *this*? gah! I find myself often drawn to "fighting the good fight" and often I get wrapped up in it, it pours into every cell and I become the "striving against injustice." Your next post about energy spoke to me as well...losing knowing where I end and the other begins. Detachment, clarity, trust...peace, calm, boundaries...breathing...letting struggles happen (for me and others) and learning from them...I'm working on all of this.... I appreciate reading your insights and inspiring to hear your experience. Thank you for sharing. ~Aimee
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