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Well, they would have to self-identify then be able to group as a class, and get the consequent legal protection in order to do all that fighting. "Ugly" people (whatever the definition of that is) don't get confined into ghettos, or one part of town. It is unlikely that the organisation of groups required to fight it could be gathered together. As to the statistics on their apparent lack of success, there are plenty of people not high on the pretty scale who find a way to be successful in ways that don't require the conditions of an employer or the sort of job where it would matter.
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2013 on Inequality: the ugly truth at Stumbling and Mumbling
Why, then, is the opposite action not also effective. Emails and letters of complaint to Mr. Najera's superiors and their own superiors complaining about his removal from the public sphere, the abrogation of his free speech rights and the rights of the public to transparency from government departments. Most especially one affecting the well being of the public?
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Aug 20, 2011