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Wendee Holtcamp
freelance writer * photographer * bohemian
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Me SCUBA diving in Australia's Coral Sea. Copyright (c) 2008 John Rumney/Eye to Eye Marine Encounters I'm headed to the Society of Environmental Journalists conference and am so excited! This is the BEST conference ever. Seriously. I have many great friends who will be there, and it's such a fantastic networking opportunity. I have never attended one of these conferences where it didn't pay off in assignments made after the fact from editors I met, or from the pitch slam - where you read aloud an article pitch in 60 seconds, and then a panel of editors gives feedback. In... Continue reading
Thanks for writing about my work! (and mentioning my writing class) :)
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Paul - the Panaque have been known but this particular species had never before been scientifically documented (they take a reference specimen or two, run DNA analyses, etc). Paulo, the commenter before you, is the scientist involved in the study so he should know! As he said, this particular one is quite unique. Plus, even though a few aquariusts or fish enthusiasts may know about them, they're relatively unknown to the general public. :)
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Charlene - I don't know if it's still open but I'd love to find out. You can try to find them online or email and post back here. Maybe I'll do a follow-up blog post about it!
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The bounty idea is intriguing. I've never heard of that to help rid a place of invasive species. Of course it worked wonders (sadly) to eliminate bears, cougars, and many other predators back in the "old days" that we are still trying to recover. I may try to do a post on the lamprey bounty concept - thanks!
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So do you know why he is doing this? Is he really trying to promote the conservation of white sharks or promoting his art?
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2009 on Who is White Mike? at Animal News: Animal Planet
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I am writing an article on The Compact currently and am reading through The Consumer's Guide to Effective Environmental Choices by Michael Brower and Warren Leon (Union of Concerned Scientists) and though I've not finished it, they used a computational model to analyze the myriad environmental impacts of various consumer choices. Essentially, it says that some things - including disposable napkins (and presumably TP) are drops in the bucket compared to other things such as the house and car we buy. They claim that the anti-consumerism can go too far. Is there any concern that your project could create a backlash and have the opposite effect of your intention? Perhaps some middle of the road, environmentally conscious people (or even conservatives) will read this "no TP!" and dismiss the whole project as "liberal craziness" rather than a means to make them think about the impact of their choices? Just some food for thought. :)
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