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I think you're exaggerating this "infrastructuralist" attitude, or at least exaggerating how much infrastructure boosters ignore service. There is nothing contradictory about being concerned about infrastructure and being concerned about service frequency, and there is no way realistic way around the fact that adequate service often requires improvements (investing in infrastructure). You can make a much more compelling argument against two other groups, who in a sense represent opposite extremes from each other: (1) people who don't care about infrastructure at all. BRT boosters fall into this trap a lot. They support BRT for because it's oh-so-cheap, while ignoring that it can easily be more expensive than an equivalent rail implementation in the long run because future operating costs exceed present savings in capital expense. (Disclaimer: not saying BRT is always bad. But there are a lot of people who think everything should be BRT because the drop-in aspect appeals to them.) (2) anyone/anything inflating costs so far beyond the rest of the world. USA costs for new infrastructure are often much higher than other wealthy countries, which can make it hard to justify some expenditures we should be able to afford. #1 may be made up of people reacting to this.
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Sep 3, 2014