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Flames your postings make some sense but truly speaking there are many lapses. Seems you're clueless about what has been happening in Cameroon for the past 24 years under Paul Biya Ni Mvondo's rule unlike when Ahidjo was in power. As a Southern Cameroonian,i believe we had been very intelligent people from scratch. We knew and still know what we want and good for us but we were deceived somehow somewhere by our own people to join LRC. We have started the fight to secede. And there is no turning Back ! No one can stop it. Flames, you need to learn from people like Watesih, Fon and a few others in this forum. who argue reasonably, and having diveversed solutions to any problem that crops up. We the SC must fight for our freedom come rain or shine for our self-determination. Flames, how dare you say "As a good example look at China. For folks in Cameroon, they should note Europeans seem to respect Asians more than Africans. Why? Asians defined what they needed and got it. They did not need to make armed uprisings but careful juggling of politics." You have really forgotten basic facts in African history. The Europeans are deep throated people and egoistic, they have always depended on the natural resources from Africa for their development, and even after they must have done this for centuries to develop their respective countries, in return they inoculated our children with HIV/AIDS in the name of Vaccines.....and a host of other bad things, not forgetting the Lake Nyos stuff and they went with it unaccountable. This is because they put their agents in power and arm them to teeth to kill their own people in case of any uprising or when they cry foul. Look we are not Blind,Flames we know what has been happening, and we cannot continue to see it happen. So rather than trying to console yourself, and trying to forget the basic facts....please join the fight to liberate SCs from LRC. Cuz nothing good will come from this union that has not come for almost half a century. Further you talk of the Francophone complaining, yes! if they are complaining then... we have the right to fight and further secede, cuz the marriage is not working. We joined them willingly and we don't find any problem leaving the union, besides we have the natural resources but gain nothing from the union, we joined the union on equal terms with La Republic. So thats a mistake you are making comparing the SCs with La Republic in terms of who should complain and who should not. Its their system whether they complain or not they have nothing to Lose, we are the Losers. We do not belong to them. It shows and its clearly written on the walls. If you do not have eyes to see please its better you start using reading Glasses. We should have gone far vis-a-vis development if these barriers were not put on our way. Does this mean we never defined what we wanted or never defined our goals? But this must Stop. Long before unification the SC had her system of government which was very democratic, flawless,respect of human rights,and the people of this region had very original and clean ideas for the common good of their people. The reverse is taking place now after joining La Republic. Asians especially Chinese are filthy, born thieves, Pirates and problematic, even clueless in spite of the economic boom. An Africa, talk less about Cameroonians, we are fine man. Better off. Forget about their infrastructure, and their economic boom of 10.9%, man. We still beat them hands down. About 3/4 of the Asian population still lives on one dollar a day, talk less about Chinese. You need to visit China and see for yourself. Forget about the ergo boosting write ups or what you watch over the media over there. All that is Bullshit and boring. Give SC her independence now, they do what Asian has never dreamt of doing or what has taken them 20 years to build, SC would use half of these number of years. Flames, we the SC will fight to restore our nation.And we shall rule it the way we want, and we shall see how you will start comparing us with Asians. Wonders shall never end !