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RIP, Andrew Wilfahrt. Thanks for your service to our nation.
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2011 on RIP SPC Andrew C Wilfahrt at War On Terror News
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Very first post: "I don’t know, but can anyone tell me if we ARE the only country that allows people to come in illegally, have a baby, and then that baby becomes a citizen?.." The problem was, Paul was very wrong. Most every industrial nation in the world automatically grants citizenship to children born of legal or illegal immigrants. Alone, in North America, both of our neighbors do this: Mexico and Canada. In Europe: Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Poland, the Czech Republic, The British Isles, Norway, Sweden, Finnland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Corsica, Malta... just to begin naming.
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Sometimes you need to carpetbomb the opposition when occasions like this arise. The Obama administration needs to go on the offensive more than ever. The bill will pass - health care will start to take effect and in 6 years we will be able to make the first real evaluations of the whole thing.
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The link is not working.
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In spite of the fact that these statistics are, well, shocking, please remember that the base of the Republican party is being stripped down to the most conservative of die-hard conservatives. This means that regardless of which Democrat would be in office, they would hate him (or her) with just as much passion. And remember that the most shocking statistics are coming out of the south. Is this cloaked racism? At first I did not want to entertain the idea, but when you add up the numbers, the results of the KOS polling from the south, assuming 30% non-white polling, can only mean that 70% of the 70% of whites that were polled in the south either believe the BO is not a citizen or are "not sure". Those are the truly scary numbers. Must be a real kick in the ass for the dying Republican party to see a black, latte sipping, marxist, leninist, socialist, secret muslim non-citzen win the presidency with 52.87% of the NPV and an electoral landslide :)
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