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"Gain the name of being a gentleman, for it is enough to make you loved." George, that's what makes your site a breath of fresh air. It's a pleasure to read what you have to say. Thank you for being a gentleman.
Toggle Commented Sep 27, 2012 on Ruminations – 25sep12 at Rebane's Ruminations
Can't help but chuckle at how much Jeff Pelline hates the Union newspaper. I really ruffled his feathers by saying how much generations of our family have enjoyed "the pulse" of our he did a special on it and the last election to show Sue losing the election proved the Union wasn't the pulse. I know I have a strange sense of humor, but this is funny.
Bob's cartoon is wonderful! Having lived in Nevada County for 80 years the cartoon also symbolizes what's happened to the entire county when the city folks began swarming here to stake their claim...Just like the song, "One Tin Soldier."
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2012 on Ruminations - 21aug12 at Rebane's Ruminations
We'll miss Jeff's humor and saying what needs to be said, and wish him our best.
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2012 on Ackerman to leave The Union at Rebane's Ruminations
Here's an interesting thought. If they don't do something about this abuse of power it will get worse.
First of all I'd like to thank you George, for your wonderful articles. I also am grateful for all the intelligent comments on your blog. It's like a breath of fresh air in the smog of political corruption.
Regarding the Zimmerman/Martin case...I find the media led linch mob mentality disgusting. Without much information these people and their mindless followers began persuing and frightening innocent people. Martins death was terrible, but what was unleashed on that elderly couple and Zimmerman's family is disgusting. Frightening! Keachie...I love your photo of the monkey jury! Good ol' down to earth reality.
Lucille's a wonderful lady who usually expresses the way it is pretty well.
Lots of interesting opinions here, but Billy T you get first prize for your very colorful writing that really paints a picture. Can't help but laugh and love it. You certainly revived some memories of the road Germany took...described by a former resident of Germany who left just before WWI started. He and his wife were our music teachers when we were kids.
Thank you George for your article that stimulated some marvelous comments. Thank all of you for your interesting common sense observations.
Some years ago my doctor cousin employed quite a few people in her office. Health care became an issue, so she asked her employees if they would prefer her paying for their health care, or would they rather receive a pay bonus at the end of the year. They all voted for health care. After the year ended they wanted to know why they weren't getting a pay bonus, and she reminded them of their agreement she'd been paying for all year long.
A friend noticed the new car ads in the Bee all offer lease payments on their cars, suggesting that most people can't afford to actually buy the cars they advertise, but buyers, but might be able to afford lower lease payments so the dealers can move cars and trucks off the lot. A waste of money for something you'll never own. Read the story about the Fisker Karma , a $107k plug-in hybrid. Expensive experiment for the buyer?
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2012 on Are we really that dense? at Rebane's Ruminations
This entire subject has been very educational about who the real liberals are. Thank you Billy T. You said it right. I listened to KNCO this morning it was wonderful. The guy who said he didn't alwaysagree with Rush, but listened anyway because the program stimulates thinking. I've always noticed that. In fact when I first heard Rush I thought it was great to hear the rest of the story...another side of issues. I consider myself a real liberal because I enjoy listening and learning all kinds of things. It's wonderful not to have someone dictating how I should think. If you don't like Rush just turn him off, but don't make it so we can't listen to him. I don't particularly like Letterman's insulting behavior at times, but others do. Plenty of insults on the current subject from those who claim to be open minded and despise dictators. Very interesting double standard.
I have to say something in behalf of women regarding some birth control pills. Many years ago a young mother in our church who was 34 years suddenly died from a blood clot her birth control pills caused. Years later a daughter's boy friend was telling us that his mother was having serious health problems and couldn't even get out of bed anymore. It sounded similar to the one in our church who died, so I asked him if she was taking birth control pills, and if she was to ask her doctor if they should be discontinued. It turned out she was along with the other pills she was taking...and the doctor quickly told her not to take the birth control pill. She got well and is still alive. If you live long enough and pay attention it's a great education.
I've noticed that at least two local grocery stores are conscious of the type food the elderly like to purchase much to my delight.
Bob's cartoon cutely tells it as it is...George, You're right about "those who put all people into two boxes when it comes to preference in governance – those who think more government is better, and anarchists." Seems to be a total lack of historical knowledge. Didn't the anarchists within the British Empire write and sign our Constitution and Bill of Rights into law? We all celebrate the event every Fourth of July!
The whole argument is stupid. We're already being taxed to death to pay for the unwanted babies by people who expect others to support them. A racket for some. I feel sorry for the children. Obviously, sex education can both prevent, or stimulate what comes naturally...but educators emphasize they can't moralize! What the heck? When I was a kid in school we earned special recognition for good citizenship. Does anyone know what a good citizen is? Sigmond Freud said individuals and nations reach greatness through self-discipline. We're seeing the opposite. Don't our personal choices have consequences that we learn from? We'll never learn anything if someone else picks up the tab for our "mistake." Especially if someone warned us and we wouldn't listen. It's the same with drug and alcohol addiction, but sex addiction creates unwanted human beings. Reminds me of the song lyrics "My mamma told me it would be like this" (but I wouldn't listen.)
Mark Meckler did everything he thought was right. I think New York will have to change the way it treats people. Legal common sense. I think George, Russ, John and Todd are right. It'll be interesting. Also disgusting was our local Sheriff suspending the permit. That doesn't appear legal. I remember when we were in the trucking business that some lawmen and judges broke the laws and we had to stand up to them, sometimes with the help of the Governor, or other elected representatives. Most people don't realize this stuff goes on all the time.
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2011 on Mark Meckler’s CCW Arrest at Rebane's Ruminations
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