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West Coast of Canada
Interests: My hobbies change as I become interested in new pursuits. Right now I'm learning about photography so I can better document my travels with my husband. Rob is also a really fine photographer and it's nice we can have this hobby in common. We learn from each other and together. Our travels take us to various places and there's always something new to explore, new people to meet and to reconnect with friends and family. I also enjoy reading and being creative. I still do some forms of fibre art although these days I tend to pick up a pencil or paintbrush rather than a needle and thread of some kind. Who knows what lies around the corner?
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Sue; the drawing of the irises was done in my Moleskine sketchbook. I used water soluble pencil crayons because they do not need lots of really wet water to blend them as you do with paints. Too much water and ordinary awter colour paints do not work well in the sketchbook.
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Pam, the choco bunnies were snapped by Rob through a confectioner's window in Zürich two years ago. Although we DO have very good chocolatiers here in Victoria as well :) For the eggs, I used several of my photos, mostly of flowers and turned them nto 'eggs' with the magic of a program on Dumpr. That's a site were you can do fun things with photos. Glad you like the compossition!
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Mar 15, 2010
Thank you so much for sharing this extensive chrt with us :)) I'm not new to knitting socks but sometimes you need a little reminder of measurements. This chart is awesome! I just joined the sock knitters group on rvelry and linked to your Blog from there :) Bonny (bonnyalma on ravelry)
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Pam, the neck warmer is knit on one circular needle. I suppose you could also use a set of Double Pointed Needles (DPN's) like for socks, but circular needles are so much easier and a bit quicker, too. I try to use circular needles whenever I can. The mitten is knit onna circular needle, as well.
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Wish I had some right now, too. It's still chilly at night and well... they look like so much fun! Your feet must be happy!!
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Pam, Rob took this photo last year. We spent a couple of days in Zürich at the end of some meetings, before coming home. This is the window of a choclatier - don't even remember the name of the shop. Lots of shops were displaying bright colours for Spring and Easter, but this one was special because it was full of chocolate! Do you know.... I don't think we went inside to buy anything. Strange... !!!!! Must be because we just had finished lunch.
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Wow! That's rather good!Did you use a separate paint for the wash, or did the pen marks bleed? Either way, it's very nice!
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Happy Blog Birthday!!! I stop by quite oftrn and I've enjoyed reading all your posts. I hope there will be many more! Congratulations!
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