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I got here after hearing Gensler's network_LA proposal firsthand. They mentioned this critique and offered strong arguments for many of its point. They also pointed out the downtown LA video mentioned above was a student speculation project. While the student ideas are very sophomoric, the findings in front part of that video are staggering. Jarrett did you ever reach out to Gensler to learn more? Could be a very interesting interview piece for the site, because after hearing them and reading the comments here I have to say the string of comments and your critique sound dated and off base. These guys want to bring collective intelligence to a system that has the capability, but doesnt use it. For those naysayers fixated on their ideas for liberated routes your missing the a-ha. You are applying old school thinking to old school problems. The 21st century is here folks. Riding the 720 down Wilshire, 75% of the riders already have phones and this "world will end" mindset of the buses rerouting themselves is just stupid. This conversation is about applying data to optimize, not mucking up routes for the sake of change. As a collective interested in transit here we should ask ourselves, what is the future of mass transit in large, complex cities like LA? How does real time data impact this conversation? I think Gensler Los Angeles is onto something by encouraging a network of vehicles versus obsessing over the routes of a single mode. I mean look at LA compared to other cities.
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Oct 5, 2012