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Great insights here Joe. Just a couple of issues. One needs to distinguish between fiction and non-fiction when talking about content. Much of the insight here appears to revolve around non-fiction. With regard to fiction ... I've been talking to a number of readers about how and why they actually buy as part of our efforts at building new products at BookBuzzr. The pattern that emerges when it comes to fiction is that readers pick up books because of the following reasons: 1. A friend recommended a particular book. 2. The book was available at a discount (ex: used book store or Kindle price drop), or they received a free copy in some other manner. Thereafter, if they like the author, they tend to go out and buy additional books from the author (whether the books are part of a series or whether they are stand-alone). Especially with fiction, the length is not necessarily a hindrance. Many readers are looking for an escape and a chance to get lost in the author's world. In fact, on one of our reader sites - Freado - when we give away books that form part of a series, the participation rates appear to be higher and more enthusiastic. Still, I do agree that readers' attention is being bombarded by new forms of content and snack-able pieces of content are likelier to succeed.
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Nov 13, 2013