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the ignorance in these comments is appalling. the reason the company closed was because it was NOT given the loan. the reason it wasn't given the loan was because IT COULD NOT FIND MATCHING PRIVATE FUNDING. but sure, if you need a reason to rant about your favorite political problem or take a dump on a politician, you don't really care about details or facts. right?
so, when are they planning on bringing these to the US?
Anne: Prius turning radius is 34.2 feet (with 15" tires) Fit turning radius is…34.4 feet. yeah. see and
lol, a worthy competitor! on top of the comment by usbseawolf, look at those specs! A 10 kW electric motor? what a joke. the vectrix scooter has a motor which more than twice as powerful.
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Jul 30, 2010
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Jul 30, 2010
Same way it is with gas stations today. Don't see why this should be any different, really.
this is great news, of course, but a car with 61 hp is simply not fit for american roads. So I guess we'll have to see what happens to the American smart later this year.
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Jul 5, 2010