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I received the first Shingrix vaccine on December 7, 2018. Within 24 hours I began getting chills, fever and a nerve pain that started in my lower back and spread down my right butt cheek and leg to my right foot. Let me explain that I’ve had exitsting nerve pain in this same area from a lower back injury that occurred years ago at work. However that nerve pain has been managed pretty well with daily doses of Celebrex and Tylenol - up until I received the first Shingrix vaccine. Now the nerve pain in my right butt cheek, right leg and foot are back again and so strong that the Celebrex and Tylenol are useless in controlling this pain. I cannot even sleep at night the pain is so bad. I’ve contacted my PCP and the pharmacy to see if I should continue with the second vaccine and if these nerve pain symptoms are directly related to the vaccine. I was told that I should only have experienced some “muscle pain for a few days.” It’s now December 28. I received the vaccine on December 7th as I stated earlier and the pain is still very strong. I believe these nerve pain symptoms are not a coincidence of receiving this vaccine. Now I’m afraid of getting the second vaccine. Anyone else have these same symptoms of nerve pain?
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Dec 28, 2018