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Jake Bottero
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Indeed it is possible to post comments, Mr. Bill. It's a Facebook plugin, but comments none the less... I haven't listened to these two Steroid Abusers in a few years. Between these two morons and Dori "I Want Rush's Job" Monson, KIRO is virtually unlistenable.
Dori Monson is the most loathsome "talker" on Seattle radio. Clearly, he's angling for a "move up" in the Talk Radio World to a nationally syndicated right wing blatherfest, or perhaps a half-hour hate filled fiesta on Fox... Shameful. And so appropriately followed by Steroid Monsters, Ron and Don...
Yet another reason why I will never willingly listen to KIRO again. Mostly it's that anal gas-bag Dori Monson. But I loved this show.
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Mar 20, 2010