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Yes, since 1987...
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Your post made me smile.. Just two nights ago, I ordered your book through Amazon along with a Jane Jacobs book (it was not Death and Life of Great American Cities however) :) Both books are scheduled to arrive in my mailbox tomorrow!
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It would be interesting to isolate the 1 million or so anglo- and allophone Quebecers born in Canada from the population you used. Migration patterns, a public policy generating a generation of "enfants de la Loi 101" (Children of Bill 101) obviously had an impact on the number of non-francophones speaking French in Quebec. One would assume the number of older (non-franco, born in Canada) folks speaking French in Quebec aged 40 in 2006 is much higher than the Canadian average of 9% and has probably trended upwards since 1986. Nowadays, 90% of non-francophones in Quebec have a degree of command of the French language, according to figures quoted this week in the Quebec press. This increase of French language proficiency among Quebec anglo/allo population would in turn lower the proportion of non-francophone bilinguals in the ROC.
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Nov 17, 2010
More reasons that I will come up with shortly, and which readers will no doubt suggest Maybe the minister is a personal friend of a well-known census specialist? Which brings us back to reason number 1.
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I'm surprised Jarrett or Scotty see the logo as "sexual". The stylized outline of the Seine river in dark blue looks like a woman's profile, but not for the reason you theorize. Since the Revolution, a woman's face, Marianne's, has been used as an powerful allegory for the French Republic and its values: "Liberté, égalité, fraternité". As part of the French public sector, I guess the link to this powerful symbol of the state was a major selling point when the Régie adopted the logo, almost 20 years ago.
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Since I haven't seen anything on this here (yet), I though I would share Quebec City's newest "sustainable mobility" plan. The 20-year plan includes major urban redevelopment with the construction of 3 "ecoquatiers", inspired by Stockholm's Hammarby, tightened rules for sprawling development in the suburban boroughs and a 30 km long, 2-line tramway system, crossing the Saint Lawrence river and a tunnel near the Parliament building. Systainable mobility plan (PDF, 38MB, in French) Flash 3D animation showing the planned trams
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Jun 12, 2010