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Kirsten Boud
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Nov 6, 2011
Morning Fi - I am a complete dog person..though the cat world has tried to claim me as one of their own...Mum loved Siamese and Burmese cats, so we had a procession of those as we were growing up. And then there was the gorgeous Australian Mist cat (called Teah) who I 'adopted' when a friend could no longer have her in their flat. She broke my heart by getting run over one night when she managed to slip out a crack in a window. I still think about approaching her little body thinking that was a funny place for her to fall asleep. :-( We have Zali still, a most passive and gorgeous Golden Retriever - I think you met her once when we were living in Alderley. I always wanted two dogs - Zali and be named after Zali and Zeke Steggall, who used to figure greatly in the skiing world. And Zali Steggall was even bigger in the Victorian Parliament after becoming an MP and being ousted from a session when she tried to breastfeed. Hmmmm. But then the girls came along and welcoming Zali's companion dog into our family fell down the priority list! But, perhaps that is what is needed in our home now to curb the cluckiness I feel each time I see a new baby??!! Best of luck with the transitioning of your newest family members!! K x
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Jun 29, 2011