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Thanks for bringing up that idea, Sparrow! A great metaphor!
Toggle Commented Dec 29, 2009 on No title at AVATAR
So many good ideas posted on this topic. Having a sequel soon so Cameron could use the same actors/sets etc, the focus on nature, having a group of humans who "get it" and try to spread the idea, how touched we are by this movie, and more. Avatar makes me think of defining the problems of Earth today. Because the problems of humans today would drive a desire to raid another planet. Overpopulation. Technology that pollutes. People and large entities driven by greed. A feeling of shortage on an earth full of plenty. Scattered leadership. A large spectrum of codes of morality (or immorality). In contrast, the Na'vi before humans came had a whole different problem set, but they were in tune with their world and in harmony with it. That's what's missing from our planet today. Cameron showed us in Avatar what we are missing today. So a sequel could show us humans how to get back to our roots of respecting each other and the earth. What dragons must be knocked off on that journey. I'm trying to think this out and my goals are very high but my brain is a slow digital one!
Glad you brought up this subject. The more I read about the destruction of the American Indians such as the Cherokee ripped from their farms on the eastern seaboard and forced on a march to Oklahoma, and the Indians in California--entire tribes hunted down and shot by the farmers and miners--no law to stop them--shot down women and children. This is not a topic that has been told often enough in film and on TV. It's shocking and so sad. When I remember the story of Chief Joseph, who tried to take his tribe to freedom in Canada, and was trapped by the US Army just a few miles from the border, and forced to move to Oklahoma so far away from his beloved mountain homeland--it breaks my heart. I read where one time Chief Joseph was interviewed and asked if he could have anything he wanted, what would it be--he replied "a horse." The interviewer was disappointed by that short answer and it wasn't until years later that the interviewer realized that with a horse, Chief Joseph could travel back to his homeland. A horse was a very important thing to wish for.
I loved seeing the "good science" win in the end. The science of studying the Na'vi and the planet Pandora with the goal of gaining knowledge and valueing them. Science is good if it is used for health and respects ecosytems instead of for destruction and for profit. It's evil to attack innocent people. This is a movie about the goal of living in peace with your neighbors. Mostly Avatar values living beings, whether human or Na'vi, and values nature. This is a beautiful story of individuals from two different groups learning about each other and loving each other. That powerful scene when Neytiri finds the real Jake...chokes me up every time I think about it.
Toggle Commented Dec 29, 2009 on What made everybody like/love AVATAR?... at AVATAR
I often think about that scene where Jake is recording his last video diary. He had no hesitation. No doubts. That was a powerful scene.
Toggle Commented Dec 29, 2009 on No title at AVATAR
This is what the Native Americans faced 10,000 years ago, and apparently learned to hunt them down.
Commented Dec 29, 2009 on No title at AVATAR
Too scary for me. I would need to go about in a grizzly-monster-proof armored something.
Commented Dec 29, 2009 on No title at AVATAR
Interacting with the real world: with nature.
Commented Dec 29, 2009 on No title at AVATAR
They look just like people, to me. (This happens after you see the movie.)
Toggle Commented Dec 29, 2009 on No title at AVATAR
Very nice. Love the moonlight.
Toggle Commented Dec 29, 2009 on No title at AVATAR
This group is a small "tree of souls" with no capital letters, but world-wide we are a Tree of Souls.
This is a big group: just look at how many people saw Avatar and loved it in just one week. No boundaries in this group. Is that a good name: No boundaries?
Yeah we need a name (something in the Na'vi language), a "green" name. Then we can take "steps" toward a greener world, toward a peaceful world. Steps toward an ultimate goal. A goal not dreamed of yet, but we can start to dream of it and take steps to go there. Should goals be like healthy food? More solar power/wind power? For less stress in your life: having in America what Australians, Germans, and French have: 5-week annual vacations and universal health care? (That's called humane living.)
Should get best picture, best special effects, several best actor awards, best director, best sound, best costumes, best music, best art work.
Toggle Commented Dec 27, 2009 on Is AVATAR an Oscar Contender? at Avatar Blog
Of the many reasons why we need to hear the eco-political message of Avatar is this one: America spends too much on oil which goes to countries which are not friendly, and we are also in debt to nations which aren't always pro-America. We need to make America self-sufficient in energy, using both new technology and old proven ways with solar and wind power. We pay for oil to countries where terrorists come from--terrorists are funded by people in those countries, with our oil money--it's insane. But the greater reason is to get back respect for our planet and treat it accordingly. We have to change. It is normal for people to hate change, and to resist change--(these may be politicians or big oil or corporations). But we must change. We don't want to ruin our planet. We don't want to create toxic hot air that creates havoc with the climate and we don't want to kill off species that will take millions of years of evolution to return even if we stopped destroying nature right this minute. People respect fire, because we know how to use it properly and we know the harm and damage fire does if mis-used. People need to learn to respect the ecology of the earth and the tools and technology we use, because we are only harming ourselves by polluting the world. We have to learn respect for technology and learn how to use it wisely.
Toggle Commented Dec 27, 2009 on AVATAR's Eco-Political Message at Avatar Blog
I saw the 3-D version only, and that is the version I'll continue to see. This was intelligent use of 3-D. And it was a must in order to view the lovely planet Pandora. 3-D helped to make the Na'vi more accepted as "brothers and sisters" rather than "aliens."
Toggle Commented Dec 27, 2009 on AVATAR: It's Better in 3-D at Avatar Blog
What do you mean, are you asking if Pandora is real or not? If the Na'vi exist or not?? Hey, it's real. They are real. I saw them. I was there!! Couldn't get any more real. I'm sure that there is a planet somewhere in the universe just like Pandora. I've seen it. I believe it. Also I loved the story, there was so much pathos in the story, so much heart.
Toggle Commented Dec 27, 2009 on AVATAR Review: Ho... Lee... Frak! at Avatar Blog
Avatar is a movie that has staying power like The Sound of Music. I won't be able to afford a 3D player for quite a few years, but in a few years I'll buy the Avatar DVD. We're in a recession, you know what I mean. In "normal" times I'd buy the DVD soon as it came out. But I'll have to wait a few years.
Toggle Commented Dec 27, 2009 on AVATAR on DVD (and 3D DVD) at Avatar Blog
First, I want to enjoy Avator for a few years. I love this movie. I mean, I love it. I saw it twice now. The 2nd time I saw it, I sat by a family who were also seeing it for the 2nd time. I have only good feelings for this movie. I loved the plot too--I thought it was great. I also like the low-key conversations, not some intellectual flight of fancy in words. The script was more like real life, whether you are a scientist or soldier or nurse. The 2nd time I saw it, it was just as enjoyable as the first time, even more so. I could hear the comments of Sully and Grace better, and understand their delimmna better. I could notice more details of Pandora. The intensity and suspense were just as great the 2nd time, even though I knew the outcome. I hope Cameron makes a sequel to Avatar sometime in the future. I wonder however how Cameron would top Avator or make a sequel as good as Avatar. If he does make a sequel, I liked the connection to nature that the Na'vi have, and their society. I like Cameron's advocacy of protecting the Na'vi way of life and their respect for nature. I would like to see more of this in a sequel. It was refreshing to see a good relationship with nature. Their society had a peacefulness to it that I don't see on earth today. A co-operation within their society, and also with nature. I would like a sequel to dwell on this because it was so calming to watch. It's something we need so badly on Earth these days. The Na'vi didn't have TV at night, they just gazed at the brilliant stars, and talked. Avatar demonstrated the good values of humans and Na'vi. I would like a sequel to have a plot where like Avatar, doing the right thing was valued and won in the end. The movie condemns taking advantage of indigenous people and their resources, condemns using brute force, condemns desecrating nature. I would like a sequel to again show how we are better off when we live up to our best values.
I want to see a sequel set in Pandora. Without Pandora and the Na'vi, there is no story. What happens next when the story of Sully's banishment of the corporation get back to the people of Earth? Will there be tourists? Will the corporation try new devious tactics? Will Sully and Neytiri have children and if so, will they be part human? Will their children be captured and taken back to Earth to be studied like science projects? What other secrets are there in Pandora itself--in the planet and its biosystems? Will the Na'vi be left alone to enjoy their world? Will invaders from a planet other than Earth come to exploit the Na'vi and mine for unobtanium? Will Grace be able to communicate to Sully through the Tree of Souls? Will the Na'vi be able to adapt some technology from Earth for their own protection? How long is the lifespan of the Na'vi--will Sully live on for 200 years and Neytiri die before he does?
Toggle Commented Dec 27, 2009 on AVATAR: Will There Be a Sequel? at Avatar Blog
Pandora is like an Amazon rain forest where birds and reptiles have brightly colored feathers and skin. So the blue skin of the Na'vi fit into that scenery. Also the blue may be a color serves as a protective color for the radiation from Pandora's sun. Since this is science fiction about an alien planet, it seems right to make them a different color than here on earth, and Pandora is much different than earth.
Toggle Commented Dec 27, 2009 on Why Are AVATAR Aliens Blue? at Avatar Blog
I'd like to see more of Pandora and the Na'vi. What is the weather like on Pandora? What is the rest of the planet like? Are there any poisonous bugs or snakes that the Na'vi have to avoid? I also... Continue reading
Posted Dec 27, 2009 at AVATAR
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