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The car I drive every day is an '88 Volvo 240. Believe me, its worn, but the damn thing just won't die. I refuse to get another car as long as it still runs. Fender has been selling pre-worn (relic) guitars for a while now. I wouldn't dream of telling anyone what to spend their money on, but I think it kinda dumb. People also take belt sanders to new instruments so they look worn. Sigh.
Old Hickory knives are pretty good. They hold an edge well and they're not expensive. Their one drawback is that they're not stainless, so they'll rust if you don't care for them properly. BTW, I don't shave with my kitchen knives, just cut onions and such.
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Most people use their phones for casual (or all) of their picture taking these days. I frequently encourage them to get high quality prints made of their favorites. Prints are fragile in their own right, but they're technology independent. I've been in the IT business long enough to know you can do everything right and still lose stuff. The family album under grandma's bed has no digital equivalent. As for me, I hope to leave some interesting trash for my heirs to throw out.
How about some octal humor? Why do mathematicians (or programmers) always confuse Halloween and Christmas? Because 31 Oct = 25 Dec. My all-time favorite nerd joke (perhaps tied with Sheldon's "nearest stars" song) has got to be Roses are #FF0000 Violets are #0000FF All my base Are belong to you All I can say is "Google it".
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I've noticed that people in museums will take a picture of an object and then look at the picture on their cell phone, even though the original is right in front of them. Cell phones are how we experience reality.
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The original Old White Guys did reunion tour a few years back. It wasn't all terrific but "Kashmir" was a real standout. Some of the songs are pitched down a bit to accommodate Plant's voice. It's interesting that some people don't notice this just like some people don't notice different color light sources (until you point it out).
"So here we come to the point of this whole reminiscence: what are the chances you're ever going to find an old digital file under a piece of old furniture?" Exactly! I tell this to people all the time! Pick your favorite pictures, get some quality prints made and store them somewhere safe. Someday you'll be happy you did. What are the chances that the memories "in your phone" will be readable or even still exist in twenty years? Not high, I'm guessing. What if you die suddenly? What happens to your digital assets? Maybe that isn't the first thing your heirs will worry about, but it still matters.
"Isn't there always a pickup truck?" As many will point out, that's why we have Photoshop. There was a partial eclipse of the sun visible from here in November. I drove out to the beach so I could get a picture of the mis-shapen sun as it rose over the ocean. I just happened to put a second camera in the bag at the last minute. Turns out that was a good idea, because the the camera that's ALWAYS packed and ready to go did NOT have a card. There were no spares in the bag, either. May you always have a spare card and battery in 2014.
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And Amazon already has eight reviews. Man, the world moves fast these days.
If you agitate the card too much, the zeroes, being round, will fall out before the ones. This will cause your highlights to block up. Also be careful when you transmit files. As above, the zeroes go through fine but the ones get stuck (they're pointy). They sometimes get caught in the Ethernet.
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Jul 15, 2012