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Good piece of advice. I travelled to Rome alone and I was always aware of the dangers of pickpockets. I had been forewarned about the poor-looking kids running around in packs, Oliver Twist style but thought it was an exaggeration. It really isn't, especially near the market places. Luckily, because I went in December it was a little chilly and wet, and I had to wear my jacket all the time which meant I could keep my valuables in my inside breast pocket. They were hard enough for me to get to, let alone someone else. I did do some stupid things too. The day I flew in I was incredibly hungover and was so desperate to get to my hostel that I got into an unmarked taxi and showed the driver the contents of my wallet (over 400 euros)when he asked for fare. Was very lucky I didn't get robbed.
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Jul 25, 2012