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In 2012, when the world explodes, I am going to become immortal from the toxic fumes along with a few chosen friends. I will order my minions to rebuild the world, everything will be environmentally friendly so i don't have to worry about Global Warming anymore. Eventually i will grow tired of living forever and in 3013 the world will blow up and we will all become un-immortal and die. :] Continue reading
Love is like a teacup ride, when you first get on, it's a lot of work, to get the teacup spinning fast, and you gotta keep up the work throughout the whole ride to keep it spinning. It has it's ups and downs, when the ride starts spinning and moving, and you can have fun or get scared, you laugh, you scream and you may even cry. There's a chance you may get hurt, but you go on it anyway. You get this feeling in your stomach and whoever is with you, you don't want them to leave you cause you feel like their protecting you. Near the end of the ride, you start the calm down, but your faces are smiling cause of the fun you had. If you get hurt or sick, you get off of the ride and never want to go back on it, but eventually, you do, and maybe that time, there's a better outcome. No matter what though, you gotta take the good with the bad, cause everything will turn out great in the end. Continue reading
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Jul 16, 2010