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Dear Cameroonian, I will like to start by quating quoting the book of revelation 13.16-17 "the beast forced all the the people,small and great, rich and poor, slave and free to have a mark placed on their right hands or on their foreheads. No one could buy or sell with out having a mark, that is the beast name or the number that stands for the name". the cheif devil Mr Biya want to established his Kindom and if not stop,the Cameroonian people will lament. we have to stop it before we are force to accept the mark of the beast. Massage to the CPDM MP's, " we know you and we will hunt you either in your offices, homes, villages and abroad. Mr biya will never protect you through out. After you have been used to acheive his aim you will never be protected by the cheif beast Biya. we have spoken.
I actually don't know what is wrong with this co-called CPDM MP's. Go ahead and amend the constitution. the gods of the land will hurnt you at you door step, your bed, your offices. Shame on you.
Point of correction Mr Achidi and so-called minister, Only God can be called Alpha & Omega. I don't thing your president will be happy with you calling him the Alpha and Omega.
Mr Achidi can run but he can not hide. the Cameroonians know who you are.
When will Mr Achidi learn? The money you stold in your days is still not enough. Still hungry for power Mr Achidi? don't worry Biya will appoint you next president in Cameroon.