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Gary Boyd
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So, David...Should I be alarmed at the conservative organizations using the same section of the tax code? Everyone from The Heritage Foundation to Freedom Works is organized under the same section. Do you think they should loose their tax exempt status too? Just wondering...
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Interesting story David. But the truth is that Texas taxpayers didn't pay for the turbines other than through US Government subsidies. And on most days of the year we Texans can't access all of the wind power that the turbines can produce because even though "$8 billion has been allocated for transmission lines" not much has actually been done to install them. On most days of the year here the turbines run at much below capacity not do to lack of wind but lack of transmission lines. And, if you factor in the fact that Texas electricity was deregulated back in the 1990's, you will find that most of us "hot" Texans are paying more for our electricity than practically any other location in the country. And on days when the Texas electrical grid closes in on it's capacity, plants that do not meet environmental regulations kick on and sell power on the spot market at up to a new cap of $3,000 per megawatt-hour, more than 300 times the normal rate. This new cap just went in to effect this year and has already been hit at least twice.
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Apr 30, 2011