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Salem also has a factor that you failed to mention. An underpublished number of 38% underemployment. Upon moving here to open a business as an art dealer two years ago, I did some heavy digging into the numbers. I was curious because my first job I took here was a 32 hour a week job driving a truck for UGM. We picked up donations all day long from people who lived at home and weren't working. I found out that Salem had a pre-existing condition. A 28% underemployment. I had this data confirmed off the record by a source connected with the mucky mucks of Marion county. Think about it the largest private employer is a struggling non profit hospital with 2800 employees. The next two biggest are two call centers, one for a dying bank and the other for a cell phone company. This town relies too heavily on the state for employment. The problem is a lack of jobs and always will be the problem with Salem. I read on the City of Salem's website that what the region has to offer potential manufacturers is an able workforce. SEDCOR, Chamber of Commerce and the City of Salem would have to attract 200 SANYO plants to Salem to cover the current employment need. Maybe if John Kitzhaber is elected into office he will push for light rail transit linking Medford to Portland. That would create some jobs. And maybe, just maybe Oregonians would consider a county by county sales tax (and no Oregon's income tax is not the highest so stop already, we rank 29 out of 50 states). This time get the unions to back sales tax and it will pass. Lol. As long as people continue to stick their heads in the sand and not turn full attention to job creation more companies will turn this city down.
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If you have a facebook account you should really check this fan page out: Things are afoot at the Circle K!
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Apr 12, 2010