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Cindy Bozeman-Bonvissuto
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Thank you for sharing the little details. I think it will help me (and others) when I get around to the die cutting part. I also read that about your weight loss CONGRATULATIONS!! It's a struggle, but I'm sure you can do it!
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Jun 4, 2011
Congratulations on your bootcamp successes!! I am pleased to hear that Provo Craft wiil launch the Official Cricut Blog sponsored by the Cricut Circle! I own the original Cricut and the Expression as well as LOTS of cartridges, but I've quit buying them since all I was doing was COLLECTING them! There's not a lot of inspiration out there (that I've found anyway) showing you HOW to use the cartridges so I lost interest. I'm hoping this blog will inspire me again.
What a great page. You make it look so easy, which it should be, but I still spend way too much time gathering supplies to make a page then putting it all away (so I can hopefully find it another day). I'm still looking for my BG Notch tool......don't know where I put that thing!! Can't buy another one because I already have too many duplicates! It's just so satisfying when a page is finished. BTW - The picture of you and hubby is great and the story of how the page came about is glad you captured that memory for your kids!
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Love the card and it was so sweet and thoughtful of the stamper who sent it to you! I agree with Terri's comments - You're WAY above my league (I suck at making cards - even with directions)!
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You go!! While I love all your videos and am inspired to MAKE something I'm sure that whatever you do post will still inspire me! Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with........I too started out with cross stitching, then went on to crochet and somehow evolved into scrapbooking (probably because I LOVE to take photos). It seems like I've sewn my entire life (started by making my own Barbie doll clothes), but haven't touched a machine in years! Maybe you'll inspire me to start it up again!!
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Feb 9, 2011
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Feb 8, 2011
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Feb 5, 2011
Thank goodness...there is a need for more boy papers! My favorite store, which happens to be my LSS is: She Scrapbooks 1005 Old Mill Run The Villages, FL They carry unique products that you don't find at Michael's, JoAnn's, etc. And everyone there is awesome!
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Mar 17, 2010