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What's even funnier BP is you do nothing but attack/ swear and are nothing more then an abusive douche who obviously works at Netflix. What makes you think anybody will do anything but rejoice at your leaving. GO. Poor baby has someone give back to him and he whines and threatens to take his toys and go home. GO.
You promise your gone. Bye!!!! Your 50% of the problem with this forum. Why do I have a feeling you are going no where.
Spammer sure seems like I'm talking about Netflix on a Netflix board. What are you?
Larry, Moe and curley nice post.
@Roy If you took the time to read the post above this one then you realize that BP has way to much vested interest in Netflix. Who cares how much it cost it's irrelevent because the money they are spending on content trumps all of it. What are we up to 1.9 billion now? In the end it's the users who are going to be charged not Netflix for that last mile to get the content delivered to them. The other big problem for Netflix now is Dish just announced that new subs will also get 3 free months of Blockbuster by mail officially throwing their hat in the ring for direct competition with Netflix. No matter what the numbers are BP is floating out there for you it's irrelevent because Netflix filings, omissions and pyramid scheme approach to accounting don't add up.
BP or whoever you are???? shitberg???obviously you don't read what people think about you around here!! I can't find one person who does anything but tell you your full of shit, go away or that's not sick of listening to you. I got to say I might read one of your post once in awhile but only if it's no longer then 3 lines after that you lose my interest.
This is a good one it's what Netflix employees think about you the customer... Customers have no lives so they call up about stupid things and feel they deserve the world for $9.99 Dealing with stupid people all day long is very rough. Pay is great but think about it, why do they pay so well? If it was a great place to work they would not need to pay well, would they ;-) constantly acting like you care takes its toll at about 4 months in (like I said start looking for another job on your three day weekend no matter what you think at the start of this job, you will thank me later for that nugget of info ;-) You will not get time off even though they don't give you paid time off People are always getting axed around you so don't depend on the job.
Why not ask departing employees what they thought of Netflix... Read other reviews of former employees. Out of all people that I worked with at the time more than 80% were kicked out. Most of them are bright engineers. My advice - if you are offered a position in Netflix fight for the highest salary possible. In any case expect to be fired soon. Maybe after a year, maybe sooner, maybe later.
Let's see what Netflix employees have to say about this company... Netflix employee... When it comes to people, Netflix is a throw away culture. Most people last somewhere around two years before they leave or quit. There seems to be no barriers to stop a manager from firing anyone that works for them. If your manager likes you, everything is peachy but if s/he doesn't like you for any reason at all, you're quickly out the door. A lot of time gets wasted by new people trying to figure out how a thing works, or (more often) just ripping it out and creating something new since whoever built it is long gone. Then these new people move on to the next company and the cycle starts again. The "high performance culture" in practice means that there are very few useless people. The downside is that you always know that your job is temporary and you're always worried that you'll be fired. It's a stressful way to live. Netflix prides itself on being a "nimble" company. It will occasionally do amazing things in a very short time period. Deadlines can be crazy and they often don't take into account other work that needs to be done. Projects don't replace the workload you already have, they just add to it. Many times you'll deliver on a deadline only to find out that the work was unnecessary as someone decided to completely change the architecture or cancel the project completely. Everyone is assumed to be available 24x7x365. Email is sent and replied to at all hours of all days and nights. You can never let go of work. Lastly, the company philosophy is to pay employees and let them decide what to do with the money, so there aren't a ton of perqs for working there. Benefits are okay but not great. No real gym membership, onsite masseuses or anything fancy. The whole company used to go to Sundance every year (payed for by Netflix) but they stopped that some years ago. Advice to Senior Management There is a price to pay for treating employees as easily replaceable commodities. The lack of process and documentation coupled with high turnover means that once a person has been there long enough to understand the environment, it's time to go. Netflix goes to a lot of trouble to hire great people. It puts very little effort into keeping them. Employees live with a lot of stress and some fear knowing that they could be fired at any time no matter how hard they work, no matter how long they worked there, and no matter what they accomplished for the company. Putting a little effort into retaining good employees will make for a happier workforce and more efficiency.
Look BP I can copy and paste to..... The rundown of how your kids access the entertainment that moves them is vital to an understanding of what an investment in Netflix represents going forward. It's a bet on a business model that has seen its better days, a way of doing things that will soon be wholly irrelevant. Programmers and consumers can both live without Netflix. And once they've both drained Netflix completely dry -- of cash and of reruns, respectively -- investors will have no choice but to dump NFLX. The bottom will fall out. Netflix receives nothing other than content that people have seen a million times over and can see, for free, via other sources pretty much whenever they want. Netflix receives nothing exclusive, nothing fresh and new, and nothing of value. Why? Because it provides programmers with nothing of value in return, except for cold hard cash. And this assumes Netflix can live up to the deals no CPA in his right mind should have let NFLX chief Reed Hastings sign in the first place. These Nickelodeon sites, and most others that do deals with Netlfix, never direct visitors to their properties' websites to Netflix. They have absolutely no incentive to do so. Netflix represents nothing but a paycheck -- an earnings pump and dump -- to programmers like Viacom (VIA). I have yet to see anybody bring up the fact that programmers rarely, if ever, cross-promote to Netflix. They do, however, link to Apple, certainly because there's something in it for them. But that's not the only reason. An association with Apple does well for their images. It adds value to be associated with a premium brand, as opposed to one that gives away your blood, sweat, and tears for eight bucks a month. When I see Disney (DIS) go out on its own and stream its ESPN properties or I look at a service like HBO Go, I realize that it's just a matter of time before Netflix and third-party streaming becomes a thing of the past. Seeing how my daugther -- a future streamer of America -- uses these sites, it would make perfect sense to charge her a few bucks a month for access to "exclusive" content as well as an archive of already-been-seen Nickelodeon progamming. I fully realize that kids' shows will not make or break Netflix. A peek at how people -- especially young people -- interact with online content, however, adds another small piece of support to the notion that Netflix does not represent the future. In many ways, Netflix, as cutting edge as it may appear on the surface, is akin to AM radio. It makes available all of the content that people can get from other sources. And it has none of the content that people are talking about today. It's worse than rerun-TV; it's the place reruns go to die.
singled out owners of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in particular: Users that stream Netflix through their Xbox 360 consume about 80 GB of data per month on average. Tell me that these data caps aren't going to effect Netflix users. The amount of consumption will only go up while the caps go down. I have a feeling that alot of the streaming problems like the Sony one stated in this article all stem from the battle we're not hearing about.
HBO recently released its HBO Go app for mobile devices and reportedly had 1 million downloads in the first week of its launch. [1] The app works both for Apple’s devices as well as Android-based gadgets. I wonder how many of these are or should I say were netflix subscribers?????????
Right because Netflix is so concerned with legalities. They cook the books.
Works great now if there was only something worth streaming.
The data gathered for these reports is completely subscriber-anonymous. Sandvine is a joke they have 220 people sign up annoymously and fill out their questioneer. Not exactly bankable stats. Netflix: Setting Up for Disaster
@Socinus Fliiling in the holes in the back catalogue.... how about filling in something worth watching? Adding a bunch of old crap really doesn't make the service more appealing.
The English Patient and Shakespeare in Love. Iconic titles such as Bad Santa, Chasing Amy, Cinema Paradiso, Clerks, Cold Mountain, From Dusk Till Dawn, Good Will Hunting, Kill Bill Volumes I and II, Muriel’s Wedding, The Piano, Pulp Fiction, Reindeer Games and many of the Halloween, Scary Movie, Scream and Spy Kids. There is not even one movie here from the last 5 years. This is just more crappy old movies that are run on cable all the time. Streaming content is getting worse and worse all the time.
I would attribute it to the economics of the entertainment industy being broken because of the decressed revenue caused by companies such as Netflix (all you can eat buffet). If the studios are making 1/2 the monies then the investment in new movies will be half as much ie... less movies, worse quality. This is why we now have 28 day windows and the likes as well.
Really promoting a crime now?
More sugarcoating and pumping of sunshine and rainbows.
Warner hates Netflix and they also own HBO. Take a look at any of their commercials. They blast Netflix on New Release, HBO has a new commercial saying watch something you havn't seen before and Bewkes himself calls Netflix a 200 lb chimp
They probabally want to launch their own kiosk instead of just naming rights.