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Environmental worker
Non profit in enviromantal working
Interests: Environmental issues, forest management, conservation of natural resources.
Recent Activity
Global warming that caused more by burning fossil materials and deforestation such as environmental issues and agricultural yields are affected it. But agroforestry manners are still going to increase gains because the soil around capable to store water because the rooting perennials there are.
Keeping resources of land and water to support economic activity environment by local wisdom is able to maintain the ecology. It is solely to food security and sources of raw materials can be sustainable.
Talking about traditional knowledge in food security, in any case the local wisdom has been able to defend their society from hunger. Local wisdom has been able to apply prudent ways to organize society for storing food and maintain natural resources in order to remain sustainable; such as Baduy peoples.
Agroforestry is really a technology build community-owned forests alongside farmland cultivation. We will get the benefits to increase farmers' incomes while also maintaining soil and water.
Global warming’s caused more by burning fossil materials and deforestation such as environmental issues. Some actions, the policy should be more stringent in using fossil materials and forest management. Besides that, partially benefit from the investment of employers oil and forest products provided to people around the forest so they might develop some productive activities at the same preserving the environment.
It's only few people who's sensitive to environmental issues. Investments in economic sectors are more real than the result of environmental investment. However, investing in the environment is more valuable for the sustainability of future generations. Therefore there has to be people who fight for.
Timber that grows on the land owned indeed is private rights but for timber legality, the owner should has obey to local regulations.
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Jan 21, 2017