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Karen Bradberry
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Well, this serum would certainly have its work cut out here at the moment. Quite apart from the teenage sons constantly pushing the boundaries, we have embarked on a house renovation which looked so neat and simple on paper, but in reality has turned life upside down. Everything has been covered in dust (including me) for 2 months and will be for probably 2 months more. I've had no kitchen for more than a month, so I have to go up to my mother's every evening to cook the meal. Now I'm cooking for 6 as she has Multiple Sclerosis - she will eat no fat, my sons will eat no lean. Stressed and broke - is the serum up to it?
What an adorable pup! Almost 3 years on from getting our pointer, I have no regrets. He is the saviour of my sanity!
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2010 on the new baby at The Womens Room
Hi. Love your blog. This piece in particular hit a nerve as this time next year I will be in this boat (I hope!)and I'm already anxious about it.
Toggle Commented Sep 20, 2010 on letting go.... at The Womens Room
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Sep 20, 2010