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I just watched the two episodes again back to back, and I totally agree. I had heard tell of this continuity goof with the Doctor reappearing in a jacket, and I decided to keep my eyes peeled for it. What he says is cryptic and has no context in the episode. If this were any other writer, I'd tend to think it was just emotional fluff. Padding. But this is Steven Moffat. He makes this stuff count. If the doctor loses his jacket, he MADE him lose it. Jacketless doctor shows up with his jacket, says something cryptic and out of context, then the episode carries on sans jacket? I absolutely think there's something afoot here. If I wanted to be a total raving lunatic, there's one gigantic continuity error in Doctor Who that has never been addressed. Something that kind of sits in our teeth like a popcorn kernel that we can't quite get at. We've never seen 8 regenerate into 9. Would it be absolute lunacy for Moffatt to take the opportunity to tell a multi-doctor story whereby 11 gets to witness the blessed event? What if River Song did it? I know, it's ridiculous, and I don't know if I even like it, but it's a laugh, innit?
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May 5, 2010