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**GUEST POST: Michael DeLong** This year, health care companies have been striking deals at an impressive rate: Anthem/Cigna, Aetna/Humana, and Centene/Health Net. Plus in October 2015 Allergan reported that it was going to be bought by Pfizer. Thus gigantic companies worth $270 billion are now in the process of being merged. It seems highly likely that these mergers will limit competition and choice, result in higher insurance premiums and hospital prices, help companies evade regulation, to the significant financial harm of health-care consumers. I offer some thoughts on why these mergers are harmful, why they should be blocked, and what their launching illustrates about our current health care system. As David Balto says in his overview [fact check]( >The vast majority of health care markets, 72 percent according to the American Medical Association, are highly concentrated. Moreover, data compiled by the Kaiser Family Foundation demonstrates that on average a state’s largest insurer has a 55 percent market share. This is *on average*. By arithmetic, concentration is even higher in certain states and specific markets. Thus many Americans already have relatively little consumer choice when they go to the market to buy health insurance. The mergers of these large health... Continue »