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This doesn't make sense to me. When you put your account on hold for a few months, you still have access to your DVD queue. You can add/delete/reorder it so it's ready when you come back. They should use the same model when you're on a streaming only plan. You know, base it on the assumption that you may activate DVDs again in the future, rather than pretending they ONLY offer streaming. Since Netflix offers NO discount for the combination plan, I'm considering maintaining two separate accounts: one for DVDs and one for streaming. That way I can start and stop each one independently, based on my current viewing demands. The only downside here is maintaining two logins, two queues, etc.
For now, I'll switch to disc only. I just haven't used streaming enough to justify $8 every month. I may alternate between disc and streaming some months. Since Netflix isn't offering even a single penny discount for having both plans, they should allow you to start and stop the disc and streaming plans independent of each other. In order to do that, I may have to register a second account for streaming, so I can activate that one just when I want to. My real hope, and I presume Netflix's, is that the streaming content will continue to improve to the point where I don't need discs any more. It's nowhere near that point yet, though.
vio said: > Am I missing something? Mine hasn't changed at all. Maybe it's because I have a streaming only plan? *shrug* Same here. I still have the old site. Though my account is currently on hold.
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Feb 8, 2010