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Kerri Bradford
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Way to go Elsie! It's so true...and any negativity is not okay. I actually had some similar posts about positivity this week on my own blog. It's strange that negativity can have so much power from such a minority of people. We can--AND SHOULD--make the world a better place by being positive and uplifting one another rather than tearing one another done, because WE ARE ALL WORTH IT. xo
That video is just awesome, Miss C. What a fantastic celebration all around! Big hugs to ya! xo k
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These are so freakin' adorable! *sigh*
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2014 on KBS | Camera Cards at Nichol Spohr LLC
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Awwww....I love ya girl! Your panel picked some goodies. What a great 2013...and here's to an even better 2014! mwah! Kerri
1 reply that is all. :)
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totally and completely ADORE! you are the 'queen of scenes' and i bow to your greatness obi won. mwah!
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You KNOW I love it baby!!! :)
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sooooooo love, my friend! when i grow up, i wanna be you. :)
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you know i love it baby! :)
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*sigh* love. that is all. :)
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adorable my friend! love it. k
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Nov 29, 2011