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Thanks for these insights into the art of performance, Solveig. I'm usually uptight when I hit the stage, and by the time my inhibitions let go and I'm in the zone, the set is ending. Believe it or not, this has improved after I stopped drinking booze at shows. Please let us know how the Tom Jackson workshop goes!
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Awesomeness. Long live the D!
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Great list! The service I use is improving in some of these areas, but PowerPoint is what causes me the most pain. I can explain the best practices to my presenters, but sometimes still end up spending 45 minutes massaging a PPT until it looks sufficiently pretty in the webinar window. Granted, most of my folks are scientists who love overly-complex slides... Come to think of it, my PPT woes were responsible for my discovery of this blog in the first place. I guess they were a blessing in disguise! -Brad
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Dec 8, 2011