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If any of CIA's Doug Laux's claims are true, we were doomed from the beginning in Syria. He claims he spearheaded regime change strategizing for Syria, but knew little about the country. Here's my article on Laux: The CIA’s top spy in Syria knew nothing about Syria
My high praise was hasty (not that it's worth much). Saw some of your communication w/State on Libya...then did some back reading on your site. Didn't know you were part of cheerleading humanitarian intervention in Libya. Disappointing.
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Col. Lang, FYI- you and your website are referenced extensively in H.Clinton email just released. Your view is cited as caution against a public stance Hilary took or was considering taking, etc... email is on 4/29/2010 if you want to search FOIA emails. Dang, I didn't know that so many people in power read and discuss your site! Happy New Year! Original Message From: sbwhoeop To: H Cc: cheryl.mills
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Yes, a CIA friend of mine, Nic Dujmovic, told me he thinks the 2012 DIA doc was from an allied intel service - I've understood that all along. I agree with those who say it's most likely either Iraqi or German in origin. Wish someone would come forward with an unredacted version though... that would be sweet.
Well, I feel vindicated. When I first reported the 2012 DIA "Salafist Principality" document, I had people like John Schindler contact me to tell me I was ignorant and that all the "insiders" knew the doc was worthless and meaningless. But now according to Flynn that little doc was but the tip of the ice burg... sounds like there's probly a wealth of higher classified docs out there just like it. It was annoying that the 2012 DIA doc was talked about all over Russian, German, foreign media in general...but wasn't touched in the U.S. I suppose it is sinking into U.S. press with a slow trickle, but if it breaks at all it'll sadly just turn into a partisan thing the Republicans will use.
In 2012 JaN and fighters that now make up IS were together. Schism that saw rise of ISIS happened in 2013. In all of my reporting on the 2012 doc. I speak of 'nascent Islamic State' as ISIS was not a reality (in terms of being a proper noun) as it is today. None of my reporting claims intel community sets policy - I've talked about this doc as predictive, and yet it predicted exactly what happened, even down to takeover of Ramadi. You assume IS is so distinctive on Syrian battlefield as to be remote from other groups, but reality esp. in 2013 to early 2014 is that these groups were often de facto together while U.S. arming allied groups. Yes, you and others ignore substance of bombshell admissions while quibbling over semantics... I've been careful to speak of West "facilitating" ISIS - I try to be careful in my wording, but I suppose nothing will satisfy those that claim reporters like Hasan have a "third world understanding"... If you want to see relationship with U.S. and ISIS on battlefield in summer 2013, see a video authenticated by mainstream academic Joshua Landis, top Syria expert in the U.S.:
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Aug 9, 2015