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Brad Sebastian
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We gotta keep our eyes on these spuds (no pun intended), olives and other perishable goods. After all, look what's happening in the DC delis! Dennis Kucinich is suing for $150,000 for what he calls "permanent injuries" from those pitted little fruits. Oh the humanity. What is it with these foods and their senseless acts of violence? Who could be influencing these delicacies to hurt politicians? What is driving green olives to hate America? Isn't it time to pass a law limiting the number of pits in an olive to 12 already? How many more brainless politicians have to get hurt before we realize the kind of threat we are under with olives just being thrown in our food, splashed in our Bloody Marys and allowed to hang around all day in the olive bar at our supermarkets?
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Jan 27, 2011