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Great cards like always. Always interested in the old mythology. But pity I didn't heard of it before and ofcourse all sets are sold out. :(
Katie, those SW sketch cards are the best (not just from the SW ones) I have seen. Just brilliant to mix pin-up with your cutie style. I'm going to buy a lot of galaxy 7 cards and hunt them down. Hard to pick a favorite. Oola , Aayla and Shaak Ti would be in the top 3.
This is such an amazing drawing. Always love your Wonder Woman artworks.
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These cards are so lovely. I want to get my hands on that Duchess Satine sketch card. So beautifull. Adi gallia is my second favo. And Aurra Sing and Padmé are amzing aswell. I like it when you draw in a more realistic style.
She's very cute. Especially if you draw her. Most people find her annoying, but I find her adorable and funny.
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Jul 16, 2010