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I don't wear a pyama, I hardly ever drink coffee, and I'm almost never writing from an armchair..; so no to your title question when it comes to me... Maybe I'd become a better blogger if I would? But it's not only with blogging; the times you have inpriration and a lot of things to say are the times you don't have time to write them down, and the times you do have time you don't have inspiration...
the site is not christian at all, they just sell DVD's. One of te other ones is about 'free relaxation session hypnosis'... And the ad I saw is not one I would want on my blog (hunkemöller underwear 70%) but then I just have a simple free wordpress template... I wasn't able to watch much of the video, too boring. So I'll never know their enlightened exegesis of "dont conceive we crapper undergo Absolute Biblical Truth" is now following The Typepad Team
Aug 1, 2010