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The move from a largely hierarchical structure to a meshwork one is happening in many areas of knowledge. The advertising industry followed this pattern—and this is good for us and them! As a brand strategist–technologist who strived to cross this largely artificial (but political) boundary, I long envision that the principles that many Open Source technology initiatives had—pair programming, XP, Agile methodologies, rapid iteration cycles, open standards, Distributed Version Control System (DVCS), distributed data ownership (a la DiSo) and the unconference model (does the name rings a bell)—can and must be apply in advertising if the discipline is to stay relevant and useful. Thanks for an excellent post!
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Mestro, I found that the ‘Ignite’ presentation format works for a certain kind of materials and not the other. For example, it’s ideal for ones that are either highly fragmented (I split mine in ‘fact numbers’) or highly narrative (ie. tell one interesting story in 5 minutes, have the slideshow contain pretty pictures.) Garr, Thanks for featuring! It was an honor to be able to present at Ignite Portland (and it’s your favorite city! Who knew?) Over the years, I’ve had more fun presenting by incorporating techniques like ‘rapid fire’ (ie. where one would change the slide every few seconds, thereby keeping the audience engaged.)
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