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Bram Stolk
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I expect the basic income to cover food, shelter and little more. Do you think the modern consumer will forgo the iPhone7 and the holiday abroad by stopping working? There's little danger of happening that, I think. On the other hand: legions of wannabe creatives will cancel employment, and do their hobby writing/painting/videogame-authoring, what have you. Bram
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Hello, Maybe you could have a go at operating the mobile crane? You can get the free iOS game here: the little crane that could Bram
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2012 on Hey, I'll Play Your iPhone Game at GameDevBlog
Nope... the curve for wine sales/price is not flat. There is a clear dominant brand out there: Any wine maker in the Champagne region of France can charge ten times the price of the wine maker just across the canton-border. And he'll probably sell more as well. Champaign is a premium brand, commanding premium prices. Others can make bubbly wine, and it will probably taste just as good, but without the Champaign label, it will not sell at astronomical prices.
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2011 on What is it about wine? at GameDevBlog
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Apr 13, 2011