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Brandi Gomez
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I did 9 and I think they turned out perfectly! They are a little smaller than a traditional dish towel but not much. I would take a picture but my friend is hemming them for me since my sewing machine isn't working. I plan to order another set if 9 for Christmas presents!! Changing it to 9 brick pattern didn't change the size of the towels for me, since I couldn't figure out how to make them any larger, it just made it so I didn't end up with so much wasted material around the edges. I love them!!!! Sent from my iPhone
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:D Ordered mine yesterday! Can't wait. I actually ended up trying the "half-brick" repeating pattern, rather than centered, which gave me 9 towels on 1 yard, instead of 4 - it makes use of the "extra" space that I was coming up with a 34.13 x 22.75 inch image. Excited to see how this turns out.
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Ohhh... with the image size 34.13 x 22.75, the towels end up being ABOUT 17 x 11, which is about right for a tea towel - I think my problem was I misunderstood that the image would take up the entire printable size (54 x 36) - which would actually make 4 really big towels (26 x 18). My misunderstanding all along. Very excited to get these back for some awesome family keepsakes! Thanks to the original poster!! Sorry for all my confusion!
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Thanks for the clarification of DPI v pixels. Sorry! As I have looked around, it doesn't seem that Picasa can handle creating an image that is larger than 5120 pixels on either size (which seems to be the case, as no mater how I adjust inches, 5120 is as large in pixels that it says that I have been able to make it). That leads me to wonder how anyone has been able to create an image 8100 x 5400 from Picasa (I am hoping someone can shed some light on this) to upload it directly to Spoonflower. Several seem to have been successful. Am I missing a step in Picasa? I scanned my originals with 600dpi resolution, so I don't think that is the problem.
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I am having the same problem as Katie. I am using Picasa, set the size at 54 x 36, and when I upload to Spoonflower, I am getting an image that is 34.13 x 22.75. I tried what SEF said, and tried to "cheat" the measurements, but it continues to create an image that is 5120 x 3143 DPI; regardless of the measurements that I put into the custom layout. Any help would be MUCH appreciated. I have 4 recipes that my late mother in law hand wrote, and I know my husband would LOVE these towels. I have also tried using Gimp to change the DPI - and when I adjust it to 8100 x 5400, it says I am creating an image that is 410 MB! Yikes!
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Jul 11, 2012