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Looks like the monkey with the dartboard at HQ screwed up. Using the exact same WOD twice in 8 days....
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Anyone know what the workout is today? Might try to make it in at 5 since Monday was a Holiday.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2011 on Friday! at CrossFit North Fulton
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That was the beginning, probably the only time where all 6 of us were on the same exercise at the same time.
Toggle Commented May 12, 2011 on Wednesday at CrossFit North Fulton
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Sort of confused by the WOD tomorrow, 75/80/85% of what? Are we doing rounds of this for a certain amount of time, a certain number of rounds, or do you just go through it once and call it a day? Also, "4. abs"... what exactly is this??? (And it should be particularly fun after today's WOD)
Toggle Commented May 19, 2010 on Wednesday at CrossFit North Fulton
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May 18, 2010