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Instead of feeling chafed, or looking at this as outrageous (which it would be among honorable people), I suggest it is more appropriate to classify the article's author, and probably its publisher, as a deliberate deceiver. People who pretend to inform by citing facts, but who do so misleadingly, are unwilling to let readers know the truth, preferring to stuff their own story into the minds of their dupes. Those who are willing to be dupes are not put off by such behavior, so it follows that they read such deceitful authors or publications merely to reinforce the pattern of thinking they prefer rather than to learn anything actually about the world. I believe this to be a form of "mental masturbation". The people who provide mental masturbation aids know what they are doing. It is a mistake to heed them except to learn what stories are being peddled.
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2013 on How Not To Correct the Record at The Faculty Lounge
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Jul 25, 2013