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I thought you said "musicians". This is a list of "Artists". We need to keep these two words pure...
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After thirty years in the film music biz (in one way or another) I don't think I've heard this said any better. Don't count on your agent, do great work and study your craft. Translates very simply to "be professional and be a grown up". Musicians often think film music is THEIR music without lyrics. Nothing could be further from the truth. Well said.
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Clyde, I tried to read through all of these comments, but completely lost interest about half way through. Did someone say that "EVERYONE" should give their music away free and make their living off alternative rev streams? If so who? I want to beat their ass...
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People just found out about this. So the numbers are right, but the implication is wrong. There isn't a trend here. In two years we'll see if this matters. Although in two years, someone will have likely solved the cause.
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May 15, 2013