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As someone nearing completion of a Ph.D., I agree with an awful lot of this. It's not just art theory, either. It's radical-sounding theory that secures your position in a status-based, careerist, organization (the academy). It's orthodoxies masquerading as insurgent movements. Its phrases like "the fallacy of relevance" (yup, I've heard it). I absolutely agree about the abandonment of populism, too. We should talk sometime. I need to get back and see Charleston after all these years.
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2011 on Intent, art and the 21st century at Xark!
Hello from one of the drop outs. Let me add my two cents about why I went from participating to replying to two-month-old posts. 1) I started a Ph.D. program and just didn't have the energy to blog. This is the main reason. 2) Blogs became dominated by comments sections, which were often so nasty that they ruined my day. For a time, Xark was a great forum for debate between people who respected each other. That faded, and I was out. In my case, social networking media didn't have much to do with it.
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May 22, 2010