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As a current contemporary country artist, then yes- Carrie Underwood would be more than obviously be that pick (female wise). However, not overall. I would have to go with George Strait as the male vocalist for country music, and Reba as the female vocalist. They are both living legends, and both have had straight continued success since their inception. They both continue to tour and put out new music today. And as far as Reba, it's television, broadway, movies, books, fashion as well as the music. More #1 albums than Loretta Lynn, and more #1 singles than Dolly.........not to mention more top 10's than both. And George now has 60 #1 hits......more than any artist in any genre of music. So I would choose both of them over Carrie Underwood.
I agree with you 110%!!! First and foremost, her album "Red" isn't even's pop. her song, "WANEGBT" is soooo pop it's not even funny......yet it somehow manages to be on the country charts.....and breaks records? At the CMA's & ACM's earlier in the year (with Reba & Blake Shelton), her fans go nuts when someone makes fun of her, but she's the one putting her life out there and dating guy after guy after guy and then writing about them. How is that a role model? There's only so many times you can feel sorry for a person, or see their "shocked" face when they are "surprised" when they win. It is clearly visible at this years CMA's when Blake won CMA EOTY that she was upset. She is not a gracious loser........and that is what is suppose to make winning that much sweeter- knowing that sometimes you do have to lose. Artists like her are not going to be around or have the longevity like a female artist such as Reba. And that's the truth. Reba only only won the ACM/CMA EOTY award once. She was completely looked over throughout her biggest decade. Today, we just hand these awards over. Now, no one even cares about watching these award shows. Like the 2012 AMA's as well. The first 2 awards went to Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift. And the first thing out of Justin's mouth was to all his haters? Really? Face it. Taylor is pop. Just put her in that category where she belongs and keep her off the country charts and off our country radio stations.
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Dec 18, 2012