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bread and buttons
East Coast
adventures in bread and buttons
Interests: all things crafty
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Thanks for the recommendation I'm totally going to watch that. I was listening to NPR today and heard about this blog and podcast series I thought you might like. The snippets I heard on the radio were great in their earnestness.
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Great post, full of insight and wisdom. I'm so sorry about the book I was really looking forward to it. I love your last book and refer to it constantly for advice and inspiration. Perhaps you'd consider self-publishing it either as a book or digitally? I'd be your first customer:) Wishing you love and joy for 2015, Josie xoxo
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Thank you for writing this. I loved reading about your homeschooling, it sounds so awesome. Your girls are getting a stellar education.
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I have kids in different schools this year too! And oh my, different pick ups, different vacation days and most confusing of all, the SAME start time. Oh joy! Seems like a good time to start meditation.
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2014 on Currently at house on hill road
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